In this episode of AMP we explore the future of manufacturing, nano technology, challenges in education, being “anti-fragile”, how to motivate your workers, and how to embrace failure. We cover a ton of ground in this episode so strap in, it’s a wild ride. My guest is a longtime friend and extremely accomplished individual, Albert Marasco.

Albert is the founder of Summit Products and in addition to being a brilliant engineer he holds many patents and trade secrets for the products they create at Summit. Albert took an operation from the basement of his parent’s house to the thriving manufacturing business that it is today.

Summit Products designs and manufactures all types of custom products for clients in a diverse set of industries. Welding, bending, laser cutting, and painting are just a few of the daily activities happening on their manufacturing floor.


Summit Products is always searching for new people to join their dynamic team. To find out more about career opportunities with Summit please visit their website:

For information on Base Camp Iowa you can visit their site at:

For information on Ray Kurzweil and Singularity check out:

The Podcast that Albert recommended:
The Tim Ferriss Show:

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