In this episode of AMP we talk with the owner of Kreg Tool, Mr. Todd Sommerfeld. The story of Kreg Tool is incredible. With the advice of an uncle this global tool manufacturer was born back in the 80’s. Todd’s journey began by helping his father with the business in his back yard when he was just a boy but at the age of 15 a trip to St. Louis cemented his passion for the company and the industry. Like most young men, distractions like cars, girls, and college pulled him away from the family business.

Todd received a degree in Accounting and after just 7 months in public accounting his father asked him to join him back at Kreg Tool. When Todd made the move he was just 23 years old and Kreg Tool employed just 12 people. Todd’s approach to leadership led him down the path of wearing nearly every hat in the company before he took the reigns. He credits his abilities to his faith in Christ, thirst for knowledge through reading, and peer groups such as the CEO roundtable that he joined early in his career.


Today, Kreg Tool has roughly 200 employees and ships products around the globe. You’ll find their tools in stores like Home Depot and Lowes. Their recognizably blue tools are the standard for most woodworkers and the raving fans that use their products can be found by the hundreds of thousands on many different social media sites.


To reach out to Todd directly you can email him at:

The website Todd mentions: Build Something

The book Todd recommended: Leading with Noble Purpose

The video by Simon Sinek  that Todd mentions: Start With Why

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