In this episode of AMP we talk with the founder of America’s Job Honor Awards, Kyle Horn. After working for years at Manpower, Kyle set out on a mission to recognize some of the very folks that he was helping find jobs. The Job Honor Awards recognize those who have overcome significant challenges in their lives to go on a become a productive member of the workforce. These challenges include folks who’ve been incarcerated, people with disabilities, language barriers, and more.

We spend a bit of time talking about the history of Americas Job Honor Awards, some of the stories that Kyle encounters, and how companies can find/hire people who have overcome challenges and setbacks in their lives. These employees, according to Kyle’s research, are some of the most loyal and dependable workers when a company is willing to overlook the mistakes of the past and instead look at their trajectory.

America’s Job Honor Awards began in Iowa 3 years ago and is now in Wisconsin as well. Kyle shares his plan for the next 5 years and his vision of the awards of someday being held in every state.


To reach out to Kyle directly you can email him at:

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