In this episode of AMP I get the chance to sit down with the president of Des Moines Area Community College (DMACC), Rob Denson. You may be wondering what DMACC or Rob have to do with Advanced Manufacturing but I can tell you that the conversation is fantastic! DMACC and other community colleges around the country are focusing major dollars and efforts on the area of Advanced Manufacturing. From customizing training programs within an existing company to recruiting talented folks to the trades.

The sheer size of DMACC’s student body is stunning and it’s no wonder why with all the amazing programs they offer. Rob Denson has been the president of the college since 2003 and you won’t find someone more committed. His winding road that led to the community college world is fascinating and for being a former trial lawyer he’s got a great sense of humor.

DMACC continues to be a leader when it comes to partnering with manufacturing businesses and their model is being repeated throughout the country. There are many takeaways for company owners looking to grow their workforce or improve the one they already have and there are also a lot of ideas for folks who are looking for a better career or for learning a trade.


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