In this episode of AMP we find out how a potato is partially responsible for what is now  35+ year old metal company located in Cedar Falls, Iowa. Like many of our interviews we get to know our guest, Kevin Halberts and a little bit about his background prior to starting Kryton Engineered Metals. Kevin shares some funny stories and we have some moments where I just sit back and listen. One thing I could tell from he few hours that I got to spend with Kevin is that he cares very deeply about his work and his employees.

Kryton Engineered Metals was started with 3 guys and $500 bucks each. Now located in the industrial park in Cedar Falls the company has a global business with around 80 employees. Kevin serves as the CEO but he’s not afraid to get out on the shop floor and spin metal with the workers.

Some highlights of our conversation are around the 10 minute mark he shares a poem that’s stuck with him. Shortly after that he tells the story of how the flip of a coin landed him the CEO role at the company. Around the 21 minute mark Kevin shares something he calls “My Painted Vision”, a vision for his company that was disseminated out to his employees. These stories and so much more in this episode of AMP!


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