This is our first international episode for AMP! We get a chance to speak with Ben Kolp, Partner at Orca Social in England. They help B2B manufacturing companies create and execute digital marketing strategies. If a namufacturing company wishes to expand to other countries they help them navigate the language and cultural barriers that often deter companies from tying to expand outside of their home country.

Ben spent years at Oracle which provided him the foundation for his role at Orca. In addition to his partnership there, Ben also founded a co-working space called the Living Room and enjoys the entrepreneurship atmosphere.

Ben speaks about the importance of listening first, understanding the culture of the the countries you are looking to establish your brand in, and then executing a plan instead of just simply jumping in blindly.


Some social media resources To look into:
Google Trends
Brand Watch
Talk Walker
Mack360 App – Virtual Reality

Suggested Books:
Ben is a big fan of The Secret.

To reach out to Ben directly:
Twitter: @KolpBen

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