In this episode of AMP we are joined on the phone from Crystal Lake, Illinois by a man who is no stranger to manufacturing. Brian Cowell has spent his career helping bring innovative products to the marketplace for brands including Nike, Disney, Amazon, and Keurig, just to name a few. In our discussion Brian shares some ideas on internationalization, some of the pitfalls of producing and launching new products, and some of his experience in his past projects.

Brian is now the founder of Manufacturing Millionaires, a consulting company aimed at helping small manufacturers reach the seven figure incomes they desire. From custom consulting relationships to his Masterminds group where his clients are a part of a roundtable discussion with other manufacturers facing similar challenges.

Brian tells us what makes the best products sick and how even good products can fail. He also talks about something called the Ben Franklin Tool. Please enjoy this episode and as always, if you know someone we should interview for the show, please let us know!


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