Started by two brothers in 1946, Thombert began making church pews, kitchen cabinets, and other wood products. Fast forward 70 years and the company now makes polyurethane wheels for fork trucks and other industrial equipment. Company President, Dick Davidson tells us how that transition happened and shares stores of some of the other products they used to make.

After graduating college with a degree in marketing and searching for a sales/marketing job, Dick passed over some of the trendy companies of the time, like IBM and Xerox, to find his way to a small family-owned manufacturing company in Newton, IA.

Dick took over the company at a time when they had just lost their biggest client that represented about a third of their business. He talks about navigating those challenging times as well as some of his favorite leadership advice.

Interesting fact to take note of: If you’ve ever been up in the St. Louis Arch, then you can say you’ve ridden on some Thombert wheels.


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