“Surfing is an incredibly deep activity that has us from various walks of life enjoying the many feelings and fruits it holds. I feel the responsibility to better a customers experience in the water is an incredible honor. I am known to approach the boards I shape with great bravery in the perception of their form and concepts. However my philosophy in life, surfing, shaping and especially board design is to keep things simple. Letting the harmony between the decided elements not appose one another. Water flows in a simple way, so should the incorporated concepts in your shape.” -Donny Brink

Donny Brinks journey began where he was born, in South Africa. His mother was a teacher and his father sold electron microscopes so naturally, he became a surfer. It wasn’t until a trip to the US while touring with his Christian rock band that he really decided to make a go at making surfboards. After meeting his would-be wife at a friends wedding in California Donny embarked on a journey that is best told by the man himself.

This episode takes a different direction than we normally do in that surfboard making is more an art than a job in manufacturing. There are some amazing parallels though, and Donny shares with us what it takes to craft something so beautiful and so effective on the water. It really truly is… advanced.

Aside from his craft Donny is an artist and as you can tell from our conversation that he has a solid life philosophy and cares deeply for his family, his faith, and his work. He believes that running a business in this country is an honor.

I hope that you enjoy this 2 part series with Donny Brink of Brink Surf.


To reach out to Donny directly you can email him at: donald@brinksurf.com

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