In an unsuspecting building in downtown Cedar Rapids some really cool things are being made. In this episode of AMP we travel to BeraTek Industries to hear the story of how this startup manufacturing company is making waves in the product world. We hear about their unique approach to marketing new products and how they pilot new products by 3D printing. We also learn about how their team comes up with new product concepts. It’s a fascinating new approach to product manufacturing, growing a company, and building a brand!

Gerald Beranek, founder and CEO, has an interesting past that began with tinkering in his garage with his father. It escalated when he bought his own CNC machine, and then his own 3D printer. The day he picked to quit his job and give manufacturing a try?… the day his first child was born!




To reach out to Gerald at BeraTek directly you can call them at: 844-237-2835

You can also find them on Facebook and Twitter.

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