In this episode of AMP I get a chance to visit with a great friend and advocate of the podcast, Mike Ralston. Mike has been the president of the Iowa Association of Business and Industry for the last 12 years, but his story is far deeper than that. An champion of Iowa business, Mike began his story in a unique way, becoming Mayor of his Iowa town at the amazingly young age of 18. From there his path took him to many corners of politics and business before landing him in the position he has now with ABI.

Aside from the many stories of his time as Mayor, which include dead cats and letting go a police Chief, Mike shares his many encounters with some of the most influential people in business and personal motivation. We talk about his encounters with Mike Rowe, Patrick Lencioni, Jim Collins, Dick Vitale, Ken Blanchard, Joe Theismann, and more.

The Iowa Association of Business and Industry (ABI) has not only been a huge promoter of the Advanced Manufacturing Podcast, but they have been a role model for other states around the country when it comes to promoting business and especially supporting manufacturing and trades. ABI has evolved a lot in their 114 years of existence and it was great to get to understand a bit about the transitions that have happened over the years and the stories that come with an iconic organization, like ABI.

I hope that you enjoy this episode of AMP and thank you to Mike for coming to the studio to share his amazing story!


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