IMG_0564This episode of AMP is a vast departure from our normal Q&A with a guest. Host, Gabriel
Glynn, gives you an introduction to his trip around the eastern half of the US with the folks from GE Corporation. This incredible opportunity gave Glynn a glimpse into what the future of manufacturing looks like through the eyes of a giant, GE.

In the introduction episode, Gabriel shares his journey to NYC and meeting the fellow journalists invited to join in on this Manufacturing Showcase. Folks from The Wall Street Journal, Inc. Magazine, CNBC, and a few others. Gabriel shares his apprehension of the trip and fear for joining such a prestigious group to visit some of the most mind-blowing facilities he’s ever been in.

Gabriel talks about his chance encounter in the mens room that led to a conversation with top GE executives about his startup, MākuSafe and how it fits into the vision of manufacturing that GE was showcasing on this trip.

In the second part of this two part series, Gabriel will take you into the factories he toured and share some of the incredible things he was a witness to on this adventure so toon back in soon for part two!


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