emilyIn this episode of AMP I travel to Sheffield Iowa to tour a household name in agricultural manufacturing, Sukup. Sheffield is a town of 1,200 and Sukup employs around 600 people so they’re certainly a staple of the community. Sukup is a family-owned global manufacturer with products sold in 81 countries.

What began as an idea for keeping the “crust” off of grain in grain bins, has turned Sukup into a global powerhouse. In this episode I get a chance to sit down with a third generation owner, Emily Schmitt. Emily is one of 8 family members working day to day in the business and also has the distinction of being the first ever female guest on our show.

IMG_6238Emily shares with us what it was like growing up at Sukup and how her dream of becoming an attorney didn’t mean she had to go outside of the company for employment. Emily is a mother of 2 and, counting nieces/nephews, there are 5 young family members that make up the 4th generation.

In addition to the amazing products they put out at Sukup, they also have a strong sense of corporate philanthropy. Following a horrible earthquake in Haiti, Sukup began to design and build homes for impoverished areas of the 20120906_155522lrcrumbling country. With over 200 Safe T Homes in Haiti, they were able to provide some much needed shelter when hurricane Matthew struck the country in 2016. Every one of their Safe T Homes survived the storm.

I hope that you enjoy part 1 of this 2 part series with Sukup!  Thank you to Emily Schmitt and Steve Sukup for the amazing hospitality and stories!


To find Sukup online please visit: www.sukup.com

You can also find them on Twitter.

You can learn more about Go Serv Global and the Safe T Homes at: www.goservglobal.org

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